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General info: Slack Channel: Slack Channel

Current opportunities

  • Funded Masters bursary University of Cape Town

Download the PDF: Download.

Interested in a paid internship?

  • Have skills in any of the following:
    • Semantic Web Tech?
    • Knowledge graphs and modeling and ontology alignment?
    • Drone SDKs (particularly but not exculsively MAVLINK, Ardupilot, and PX4)?
    • ROS, Embedded Systems, C/C++, Python?
    • Wireless networking and data streaming?
    • Data management technology stacks
    • Drone data processing? We’re continuously looking for people with relavent skills to work with us and we have funding to support various short term projects. If you’d be interested and have some the above skills or want to pitch us your own idea for an extension or application to LANDRS Toolkit, pitch to us via this Google form

Submit an issue/propose something on Github

Find us at an upcoming events